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Tune for '06 2.5GT


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Hiya all,


I'm thinking about getting a cobb access port for my (currently stock) '06 2.5GT. Is directly from cobb the best place to buy one from? If convinced it's a good idea, I'm willing to spend a little extra to get an enhanced stage one map (beyond the one from cobb). I noticed there used to be a something known as TDC tunes available that significantly surpassed cobb's own stage one tune. Anyone have any suggestions?



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Doesn't really matter where you get the AP from as COBB has pretty strict pricing policies for their resellers. The best place to get an AP is actually here or on the NASIOC classifieds. Used is always less expensive!


TDC was an independent tuner that I think is still around under a different name. There are quite a few independents tuners out there that can and will do tunes via email. I don't know how much reading you've done but here's how it works generally....they'll send you a base map, you load it on the AP and then your car and then you send them back some data logs. They'll tweak the map and send it back to you. Rinse and repeat.


It is definitely better to get a custom tune (via email or even better a dyno or road tune) as it's tweaked specifically for YOUR car. The COBB tunes are very conservative as they have to be able to work on ALL cars safely (won't get into that here). Thus a custom tune should result in more power and be safer for your engine.


You can also "go opensource" and use a tactrix OBDII cable (http://www.tactrix.com), ECU Flash and the romraider software (http://www.romraider.com) and a professional tuner to get a tune for much less money than an AP. Oh yeah, you'll need a laptop to transport the tune to your car.


Anyway, just in case you're not aware of the options (there are others too like Ecutech).



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