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Pimping up my cheap rims!


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Recently I picked up some dirt cheap 17" wheels from 05 Scion tC. Since owners always swap them out, these wheels can be picked up pretty cheap. Got mine for $200 picked up for 4 of them with decent tires.




The thing that bothered me the most was of course the embosed Scion logo on the center caps. Since I don't drive a Scion, I did some a little DIY project...




Started with sanding down the caps with some nice 100 grit sand papers then gradually up to 800 for that nice smooth finish. I still had some scratches so I puttied it and finally primered it nice and clean.




Then finally I sprayed it with gloss black rattle can then top it off with a STi decal I got it plotted from local decal shop.




Now they're ready to be wrapped with some nice race tires or snow!




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The Scion has a smaller hub than the Subaru, so no, it's not a direct fit. You would have to bore the center of the wheel to allow it to fit on the Subaru.


Post #4 above yours confirms this, as does the link provided in post #5...

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I have a set of 4 sitting in my garage (rims only)

$100 each shipped?

I will start a new thread

I donated to LegacyGT.com which allows me to have this nifty signature. :p



If anything SCASEYS posts ever becomes a sticky i'm gonna light this whole place on fire :lol:
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