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Wheel bearing Help.

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Recently I have noticed a weird wearing on my brand new front right rotor. And have tryed to diagnose it as much as i can by looking at the calipers and such, but have discovered that it is my wheel bearing. It is letting the hub move and letting the rotor scrap on the caliper. My question is: Should I but a new hub or just the bearing? and was wondering if anyone knows if the bearing is included on a new hub? I do have access a bearing press or professional help but am wondering what might be cheaper and a better fix
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if you can use a press, get the bearing. If not go on ebay and buy a used one, I have done that before and it has worked out good for me


usually if i'm looking for used parts i go here, http://www.car-part.com, and sort my search by distance, since miles equals shipping $$.


but for a used knuckle, a friend at http://www.ultimatesubaru.org suggested ordering as cheap and from as far south as possible. cheap is obvious but from the south equals no rust. you can probably have a good used hub delivered to your door for 30$ ready to bolt on.


it may not last as long as new but for the money it is hard to beat. and you can always hold on to your original one until you need it and have new bearing installed then. although i have heard the subaru does not recommend using a press to install new bearings. it can distort the knuckle and cause premature failure, 10k miles?, maybe.


they now recommend using a "hub tamer" type tool. a common practice for FWD cars.

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