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2010 3.6R exhaust


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ok not sure where to start. i am looking for some replacement mufflers or ? on a 2010 3.6R.


mostly what i am looking for is the boxer rumble like the invidia Q300 setup. can i get that same sound just going replacement muffler route or do i need to go with more than that ??


i am not mechanically inclined so i would have to order the parts and have either a competent shop do it or the dealer :cool: .


i've been reading the forums but mostly everything is for the LGT. i've seen the youtube clip of the AVO setup for the NA 2010 legacy 3.6 but you hardly hear anything. would removing the resonator improve the sound? would it cause to much drone with the windows up?


would any changes to the exhaust setup require more engine management tuning ? i am trying to avoid that as much as possible.


any suggestions from minor to medium expense would be greatly appreciated.

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