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4 EAT transmission noise & problem, w/ video.


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Hi, all - my first post here :)



I'm having problems with my Legacys' transmission. It makes bad noises when it's cold, while the noises are almost non-existent when it has warmed up. I ruled out the CV joints, so today I ripped the tranny apart. I found that the main clutch/clutch assembly has lots of play in it, and I don't think this is normal... :confused:


Please have a look at the short vid I did, and tell me what you think - I really need a 2nd opinion on this.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gy6zLQgeY1o]YouTube - Subaru 4eat transmission problem.[/ame]



Thanks :)

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This nut is the only real challenge so far, as it's really tight in there. I must remove it, to be able to get the shaft & the big drum out - and also to pull the front pump / front cover off. Now I need to find or make a spanner for that nut.


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