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weird noise

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this morning it was about 45 degrees outside a little chilly, went to start the car (05 lgt) to warm up and it made this weird sound like i turned the key to far over or like loud sssshhhhh sound but it was right at start up so i turned it off and it did it again.. after the car started it went away. i live about 10min to work i got to work turned it off and tried it again no noise has not done it all day today. any ideas? i took to auto zone to have the battery and alternator checked everything looked ok but that was at 12 noon 60 degrees outside. it also had a sluggish start on a chilly sunday morning! could the battery be dead in the morning due to cold snap and it has just have enough power to start the car untill the alternator charges it up? or could it be a starter?
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