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DC up pipe

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Thinking to put on a DC up pipe, I heard it doesnt need any tune?


How hard it is to install?


What kind of gasket it needs? 44022AA170,44022AA15I? stock subie gaskets will fit?


Does anyone have it and experience a faster boost? (just slightly, I know, I'm not going stage)


Do I need to buy whatever the thing is at RadioShack to prevent CEL?


Please advise :confused:

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I'll double check those gaskets when I get to work but it's the same gaskets that are used on 02-07 Turbo'd Imprezas as well. You'll need a resistor (4.4ohm?) IIRC I think this was posted on Scooby mods somehwere for when you remove the EGT probe from the up-pipe as without cats you'll get a higher heat range and throw a CEL. You will notice full boost a few 100 rpms sooner.
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Just to clarify, 07+ GT's do not have cats in the UP but they would still benefit from an aftermarket version....? I could not find any performance info in my searches.




I hope some experts will come in... give us some advices, c'mon guy and gal :spin:

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