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Rock chip repair advice.


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What's the best way of repairing this rock chip, the paint is down to the bare metal, also you can see the crack in the paint along with minimal edge lift around the paint chip as well. This is on the hood of my dad's 09 Outback, the rock also hit the glass but didn't even nick it.



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I tried blob remover- I suspect it works as advertised if you follow the directions. I tried to remove the blob from paint that was almost a week dry, and it was hard going.


My current issue is that my touch-up paint doesn't match very well. It was a good match on my Gold Forrester, but it is a little dark on the GT. I don't know if that is because of the metallic, or what.


I'm going to get some from the dealer this time and see if that matches better.

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The new paint in the chip is darker than the old paint. It may be due to the way the metallic flakes lay in the paint though, as it gets lighter/darker depending on where you view it. But it seams to always be a little darker, unlike the gold paint I did on the Forrester.


The blob remover worked fine- it just would have been a lot easier if I had gotten it first, and used it within 2-8 hours after applying the paint, as it instructs.

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