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First Thursdays @ COBB Tuning Plano! October 7

COBB Tuning

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Changing up the format a little!


Not only will we have the current format of free food, free drinks, and some wicked motoring programs, along with all the cool cars that show up...


-ADDED NEWS- Trade Secret Collision Center of Plano will be providing the Pizza for Thursday! They will also be onsite if you have any questions about getting things painted or fixed!


First off, we're going to let everyone bring all the car parts currently in your garage and let everyone that shows up have a swap meet / garage sale. So BRING YOUR PARTS AND BRING SOME CASH! I encourage everyone to post up below me what they want to bring to sell


Secondly, Modern Armor will be here selling various paint protection and headlight protection kits are ridiculous pricing.

http://modernarmor.com/ and http://www.headlightarmor.com/


-Modern Armor Paint Protection Install’s – Rear Flare Kit-

Available for the 08-10 EVO X, Ralliart, 08-10 STI (Likely fits the 2011 as well)

Installed photos STI – http://modernarmor.com/Subaru-STI-rear-flare-bra.htm

Installed Photo EVO X - http://modernarmor.com/Mitsubishi-EVO-X-rear-flare-bra.htm

Normally this coverage is $159.95 installed for both the STI & EVO X. First Thursday only pricing is $103.95 (~35% off!)


-Headlight Armor Lighting Protection Kits – Fog Light Protection Kits – Clear or Colored-

Available for select models Regularly $17.95 per pair. First Thursday only pricing is 14.00 (~22% off) DIY Install. Vehicles: 04+ WRX & STI, 08+ Lancer & EVO X, Mazda3, Mazdaspeed3,


email me to verify applicability of other models.


-Headlight Armor Lighting Protection Kits – Headlight Protection Kits – Clear only-

Available for select models Regularly $49.95 per pair. First Thursday only pricing is 38.95 (~22% off) DIY Install. Vehicles: 08-11 WRX & STI, 06-07 WRX & STI, 04-05 WRX & STI, 08+ Lancer & EVO X, 04-09 Mazda3 & Speed3


Please email in advance if you are interested in any of these products so I can tell them what to bring (email is listed below)


Thirdly, Mobile Recon will be here offering paintless dent repair at wholesale pricing! As every dent is different from another, its hard to just give a blanket price out over the forum, but Richard will be more than glad to quote you the cost of the repair before he starts work :)


Finally, Mike Deatch from Deatchwerks Injectors will be here from Oklahoma City doing a tech talk on injectors and how they work... I know many of you have comments about injectors in general and this is the time to ask them!


Don't forget... if you're in the Austin area, our HQ will be hosting a First Thursday event as well!


Cant wait to see everyone! The weather should be amazing so hope to see ALOT of cars come out! 7pm-11pm, Thursday, October 7


-Kevin Heist

COBB Tuning Plano


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Good eye!


Cool, was just wondering if it was a daytime thing as it'd be a bit late for me to get any time off work :lol:


If someone has a slightly-used RE92 (215/45-17) they don't need let me know and I'll be there; I need one for my spare on my 05 LGT.

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Yes COBB Austin will be having a First Thursday event as well. More info can be found here:


We will also be having a Swap meet and garage sale on October 16. Info can be found on COBB Austin's Facebook page.




The Austin Cobb Meet should be it's own separate thread so the few Austin people here can know about it. (That aren't already on Nasioc.) :)

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here's a few select pictures from last night!


The rest can be found on our facebook page, facebook.com/cobbtuningplano

Don't for get to "fan" us!


Richard knocking out dents!



Deatchwerks Tech Talk!



Deatchwerks Tech Talk!


















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