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Loud thud noise


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While I was driving home from work I just driving about 30-35 mph and all of a sudden I hear and feel this loud thud noise from under my car. The noise and vibration felt like it right in the middle of my car, where the shifter is. I was only a few minutes from my house so I just kept driving. Pulled into my driveway and looking under the car and didn't notice anything. The car felt fine driving after I heard the noise. I don't think it was a rock or pothole. The noise felt like it was inside the car. What could it be? I'm a little worried. Thanks.
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Hi all, first post, I have a 2003 Legacy L, Auto, 2.5 ltr 4 cly

While driving i hear a thud thud and car vibrates a bit, especially if i feather the gas. If i put in neutral and coast around 65 the noise appears to go away, i checked the trans axles both are good.

I just changed bearings, tie rods and ball joints thinking that was it but it wasnt, it needed that sutff anyway

also checked the drive shaft, no play or clicking.

Am i looking at a transmission issue or a torque converter issue or possibly if it has one a transfercase issue. is there a fuse that turns off all wheel drive switching/power


any help would be appreciated.

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