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New vendor: True tune, llc!

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Alright, it's official. True Tune is now a vendor on legacygt.com!

A little info about our goal as a business:


We want to provide the Subaru community the whole package, as a vendor. We can sell any performance modifications parts/brands, have them installed by a mechanic, who has been working with Subarus for four years, and give you a personalized open source tune, made specifically for your car. We also do a complete pre-tuning check, including compression testing, to make sure your car is healthy. Having both, a tuner and mechanic, with a full shop at hand, we can fix any issues, if needed. We also offer etunes, tuning (with your current mods) and complete engine work. More to come!


We will have package deals, such as catted dp, up pipe + tune and install, for all types of Subarus and part brands.


We are in Woods Cross, UT (Salt Lake)

contact number





Website in progress

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Yeah, figured it was time. I have a sweet 04 STi coming in that's painted flat orange. I'll try to get some pictures, but it might be too dark by then.
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True Tunes mechanical work is top notch! Thorough and very customer service oriented. These guys saved me $80 on a brake pad swap in Subaru pad shims that were not needed for the install. I was surprised to get back the shims to be returned to Subaru for a refund.


Thanks guys for the excellent mechanical service! I really appreciate it. Especially the late night hours for service after typical work hours!


I know who wrenches on my car when I'm not doing it.

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