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Sunday morning Skyline drive


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As mentioned in the Norcal spotted thread, a few folks were interested in going for a skyline drive this Sunday morning before KTM from New Mexico has to drive back home.


I'm free some time early in the morning (8 or 9ish), and can do the usual Skyline route or open to any other suggestions.


So is anyone else free/interested?

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I work late Saturday night, so I'm down for a 9ish start and am good for a couple hours outta the house :D






...I just got final confirmation that we in fact DO NOT have plans Sunday morning :)


What about starting at the base of 9 and then heading up to 92?

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Hey Hiero, good luck with the run!


My fiance and I are doing the Big Sur 1/2 in Nov. You doing that one too?


Nope. I did the Disney Half earlier this month, 2 half's in a month is good enough for me.


Thinking of doing the Disney World Half in Jan.

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Looks like I am good to go.


I'm at 92/101 and can meet up anywhere. Could eat breakfast in SJ then head out or the reverse ( meet, drive, eat lunch ).


I'll PM my cell info now, thanks a ton for the company!

Whelp, just got done talking to the work boss. They're sending me home Sat to teach a class for the next two weeks in ABQ! Will leave the LGT in Belmont til I return 10/17.


Thanks a ton for the offer wp, will call you shortly to pass along my excuse.... :mad:

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Ok this is postponed then til you get back ktm
Thx again wp, and also again sorry for the change in plans.


Always happens with work travel, make plans for something fun and it guarantees things will change! Even funnier still I go back to NM to teach one class then return for one more week in CA. THEN off to AZ for one week, etc etc.


Hardest part was figuring out where to leave the LGT....

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