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Just a catless UP... cause CEL?


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1. Click FORUM


3. Scroll through the list..choose "The Unofficial 05-06 LGT 2.2k .5w Resistor UP Pipe Install CEL FIX" by LosAngelesGT, nice write up.



As an alternative you can have your tuner disable the code in your tune. I did both.

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Only if it is installed....



Ok fine. The OEM uppipe, that has a catalytic converter in it is monitored by an

EGT Sensor which is read by the ECU to make sure the the CC is operating correctly. When you remove this sensor either by unplugging it or just leaving it hanging out of the exhaust stream, the ECU will know something's up and will throw a CEL. Search "resistor mod" and that will more completely answer your question. And you're stage 2 already? I hope you have said catless uppipe

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Car is back stock and going to the dealership. I didn't want to invest any money, so I was able to take out the DP and CBE myself, but I don't think I can do the UP, so I want to bring the car into the dealer without a CEL. Currently my car is throwing that my 02 sensor is broken, but I think I fixed the 02 sensor, the wire was cut, so I just rewired it.


What I did was, I simply put my tune back so that the CEL goes away, but I think this resistor idea is a better/safer plan so I don't blow my car up with a 17.5 psi tune. My plan was to just drive around without hitting boost.

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