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Vanity Plate - Opinions...


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Been thinking of some plate ideas. Did a search here and a couple I liked were SLEEPER and STINDIS. I'm also thinking STIED and LEGASTI. Opinions...


Oops, STINDIS should be STINSID


Also, NH limits to 7 letters/numbers


Been leaning towards LEGASTI. I want to make it into, basically, a Legacy STI.

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Having the plates "SLEEPER" may actually negate your sleeper status. (As in "Hey look, I'm a sleeper") :rolleyes:

I like STINDIS. How about "NOTACMRY"


TOYCAMRY would make for a better sleeper plate. :D

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Ok, I am usually great at figuring out vanity plates, but...GON4AU, LGTL33T and PWN3D? I don't get them. I hope it's because I have very little "inner dork" and not that I'm just a little slow today (long weekend).
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Goin for gold.


I was humoring the idea of getting 1337 or perhaps UBR1337. WAGOWND is another option. Actually, I just thought of QSHIP. Hmm... I like that one. Opinions?

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The plate I had on my previous GTI:



For a Legacy, I'd get something like OW MYLEG or ALEG UP or LEG GO.


I demand royalties if someone uses one of these!



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I want a vanity plate, but at the same time I want something that is nearly impossible to memorize at a glance.









6 letter plates suck. All the good words take 7

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ALMOSTI (almost sti hahah)

BUHBYE (somebody has this im sure)



IMSTR8 (reference to subaru/gay connection)

NOZMZM (no zoom zoom)


Or since you do plan on upgrading


I think "LGT STI" (using a space would be the best one in all seriousness)

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