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Someone vote for me in Top Scoob on NASIOC


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If you use "personality" like girodisc does, then you'd probably have the edge ;):lol:


If I had the time/money/a shop like girodisc does then yes. Mostly everything I have done to my car (minus the first clutch/new tranny and engine) has been done on my weekends and in my driveway. I don't have much done but I'm not really going for that 400hp, expensive rims, show car. I got that in the driveway for when I want a feel for it (but it's my husbands :lol: ) As far as looks...I try to keep it simple and clean. And power...right now I'm at 278/325. Hill at Agile told me that once I get my injectors and my exhaust fixed and a retune my HP will be closer to my tq.....which is fine for me. I'll be happy there.


girodiscs ride is VERY unique and don't get me wrong I love it (and believe it deserves the 32 votes it has now). But if I were a shop I would be up there too.

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