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using the search function may get you tonsssss of results for this topic. Ok so, the intakes for the GT will not fit a 2.5i. AVO I think is working on an intake system for the 2.5i. However most people suggest just getting a better panel air filter, I have the AVO one. It's been said that the stock intake isn't that restrictive, although with a panel filter and catback exhaust and a tune, you can likely get a good 20-25hp at the wheels increase.


Between those three things your lookin at about $600-800 roughly depending on where you get the catback system and tune. The GT catbacks do fit. The rear sway bars compatible with the GT fit our 2.5i, the front does not, you'll need a 2.5i n/a sway bar (rallitek makes one). Endlinks are the same, except for the rallitek rear's (need to be lowered).


In terms of engine and exhaust(forward of the cat) the GT parts are not compatible since we do not have a turbo.


All in all, all of the compatible GT suspension parts are compatible with the 2.5i except for the front sway bar.

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