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Subaru Transmission shops


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Paul@dbtuned in rosville has done a few tranny swaps for me including a spec.B trans with STI 1-4 that we stuffed into a swapped 2.5rs.


otherwise (without knowing your location) id say:

GST Motorsport in Hayward. mike is a real good guy, and he talks with an Aussie accent so he sounds almost as cool as he actually is.

LIC in Novato. the brothers Levi have been doing crazy swaps for years.

FLI in Santa Rosa. Ryan's guys do good work and hes pretty funny.

"i like my women the way i like terrorists...

...screaming gods name and ready to explode."



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Anybody have experience with Griffin Motorwerkes in Berkeley? I am thinking of having them install my suspension upgrades: swaybars, Bilsteins, pinks. They are very convenient (2 miles from home in Albany) and have a good rep in the German car crowd, as far as I can tell...



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