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Maybe I missed it, but...Upgrade Path!

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OK so I here switching from the dsm forums, I really like what you guys have goin on here. But one thing I always appreciated in the dsm forums is there "upgrade path" articles/section. It gave a general outline of "stages" from 0 (free mods) to stage 2 (350-400hp)


--> http://www.dsmtuners.com/2g_dsm_turbo_upgrade_path


Thats for a 2nd gen eclipse.


What I loved about it (once you get to stage 1) is it gives you steps as to what would be the next best mod to do for your car. Starts with an intake, free up some air right? then a boost gauge, etc


Also it gives a link if your shopping for that particular part. That link takes you to all of the sites vendors offerings for that item (for ex: intake: http://www.dsmtuners.com/parts/default.php?cPath=3_141_53&osCsid=367f99f7088fb5dbdb05b7c202e88b48)


It really just gave me a lot of answers with out starting new threads or posts and what not.


Id love to see something like this here because ive just started reading about modding the lgt and some people say install an intake right away some people say do ap others say exhaust... I mean if there was a good organized way that showed what should be done first and why that would benefit a lot of people.


Just throwing it out there :D

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