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Private trackday @ SOW


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I typed CCW but the configuration ran in this vid is CW. I did run CCW but unfortunately didn't record any in that configuration.


My tires are all chunked. Overall it was a good day and very lax and chill. Toward the end of the day I was literally the only guy on the track. If you have a chance to do a private trackday I highly suggest it. It's a good way to shake down your car and fine tune things w/o the pressure of making your run group and what not. Lots of open space to work on lines w/o the worry of running into traffic.





I used "Harry's Laptimer Pro" for the ipod touch/iphone. It worked really great. I highly suggest this app.


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through who?


A person on NASIOC SCIC. He put it on the forums and I replied. He's not affiliated with anyone. Just a regular person like you and I. Only 22 cars that day. It was fun and relaxed in that I could do several runs, rest the car check tire pressures, etc then go back out as I pleased.

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Wow, that's awesome. Can you let me know if you hear about another event like this?


Last time I tried Harry's lap timer @ Thunderhill last year, it didn't work very well. My GPS had trouble finding where I was. Hopefully the signal is better out there now, that app looks pretty extensive now. I like those track sets that you can download!

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