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first gen legacy....5mt


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Hey all,


Maybe someone can direct me to a thread or has some info for me. I'm trying to repair my friends gen 1 legacy. His shifter is really worn out and I'm trying to find som salvage parts for his car, and possibly a sts in the process. WILL 2nd or 3rd gen manual trans shifter asseblies work in this first gen? Is there any similar parts used in another subaru, like the impreza line? My main goal is to get the shifter in close to new feel, but if I can introduce my friend to the benifit of the short throw shifter I can't resist.





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yes you're right. I'm looking for the entire shifter assy. I did a likkle research on a first gen legacy forum and found that any shifter assy from an imprezza up to 03 should work. also with converting the shifter assy, i should be able to add a short throw.



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