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Any inexpensive mufflers...?

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Peruse the forums intermittently for legacy information, for which it has been an exceptional resource. However, recently decided to purchase an aftermarket muffler to generate sound without the performance, due to financial limitations. So if anyone can suggest some higher quality or minimally, reliable and aggressive sound producing mufflers, please do.


Every muffler that has been a potential candidate has exceeded my budget thus far, trying to stay below the three hundred threshold. Looked for the xo2 mufflers which are seemingly infeasible to find, perhaps they have stopped production, not certain. So really my only criterieon is agressive sounding.


Thanks guys,


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Will that work for N/A 06 2.5i too? Or will that only work on the GT?


it should, however adding a catback higher flowing system to a N/A car will reduce your torque output(backpressure). The factory Y system looks mandrel bent, I'm going to pick up an axle back setup for a nice tone.

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It's worth trying the patented Hog-zaust sytem, which is certainly the most cost-effective way to achieve a more-aggressive exhaust sound:



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