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DIY Side Skirt Removal and Paint Chrome

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After some searching I could not find a tread about how to remove side skirts and I thought of the idea to paint the chrome. Here it is:


1. Remove the two push pins located in the front of the car behind the tires. Pic #1.

2. Remove the six pop its underneath the side skirt. Pic #2.

3. Pull the side skirt off. (no pic). They are held on my little white clips and some weather stripping. Pic #3.

4. Remove the little plastic clips that hold the chrome piece into place. Pic #3.

5. Once chrome strips are removed sand. (I used a scotch bright pad). Pic #4. (Refer to pic #5 for the paint I used).

6. Reinstall everything how you took them off and there you go. The rest of the pics are the finished product. (off and on the car).









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just did this! used plastic dip and looked great! only problem i ran into was with the front most push pins, they were crushed from the car being jacked up over the years. had to drill out in order to get them out. otherwise was fine! nice write up
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They are also very easy to sell and get stock side skirts... I would have bought them from you before you painted them.
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