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Itty Bitty Exhaust leak... need expert advice


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So I installed my Invidia downpipe to my stock catback. I used the stock bolts to mate the DP to the CBE and I bought and included a new gasket in the install.


I was warned that it might leak if not mated correctly and as it turns out, when I turned on the car it clearly was leaking. IT SOUNDS AMAZING. :cool::) I haven't heard the boxer rumble like this in so long (about 2 years ago I went stage 2 on my WRX). It makes me wonder why should I even bother buying a full exhaust for 600 bucks!


Question is, is this bad for my car? Whats the worst case scenario?



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IMO if something is wrong...it should be fixed. If you like the sound, do hogzaust (or...don't :))


I am not a hogzaust fan myself, some people totally love it. The sound of aftermarket v. hogzaust is unbeatable (at least compared to my setup which I LOVE)

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