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Afr 20.4?!?!


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Hey Guys,


I recently got an AP V2 and installed the stage 1 91(even though i run 93, thought id stay in the "safe" zone) map on my stock 05' GT (k&N air filter). I was doing some live monitoring, not data logging, but i noticed that when i let off the throttle that my AFR was shooting up to 20.4. I'm new to the tuning scene and dont know if this is normal under the given circumstances. Otherwise, when the car is actually under load, i'm seeing ~ 12-14 and idol is right at stoic.




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thats what i figured...but it was staying there for a few seconds then started to go back down...i thought it was fine since i wasnt under load or anything, but i wanted to see what other guys were seeing...


Thanks for the response!

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