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any chemists in da house? need help removing Antirust paint from clear plastic

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I was trying to fix a small scratch, but some paint got through protective tape onto headlight! Any way of removing it by using paint thinner or heat?

paint has dried?

will paint thinner damage clear plastic surface? is there a way to restore it?

what are some no-no's or tips?


i don't know any chemical details of my paint or thinner, all i know that new headlight is frigging expensive!:(

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The lens is made of polycarbonate and will most likely react to the thinner and cloud...then you're really screwed.


Get some plastic polish (used to clean/remove scratches from convertible rear windows) at Pep Boys?Autozone, etc. (I think Blue Coral makes one). It's a super mild abrasive that will take the overspray off without damaging the plastic. If that's taking too long, try a clay bar first, then the polish to finish off.

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If a clay bar didn't work then I would use something like Meguiar's ScratchX or even the 'as seen on TV' GS27. Those are what I usually use to remove paint swaping on cars and I have seen them clean up paint on plastic lenses just like what you are describing. It may be possible to just use the edge of a knife and shave the paint right off too. It just depends on how thick it is. If its thick enough to shave off then don't bother with the ScratchX. If its too thin to shave then its the perfect thickness to use the ScratchX.


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Just realized, you're in Tokyo. I guess the Pep Boys suggestion won't work very well :)


Buy whatever tar-remover/light paint polish you find over there; most products in this category have similar mild abrasive formulas that won't scratch your headlamp.

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