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Anyone in Colorado....

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Have the Racer X(its me) FMIC installed on their leggy? I monitored the threads regarding the install for a while before putting it in tonight.


I'm having some fitment issues on the lower passenger side of the car right before the piping comes up to the airbox. Its as if the core itself is not sitting centered or the pipe coming from the passenger side is too long.


Any advice anyone can over is greatly appreciated. I will try to have some pictures up to clarify the issue.

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Wow! You're doing it alone eh?

Good luck Bro....wish I didn't have 4 wives and 2 kids and I could help you :)


When does the Turbo go on?

Solve your injector issue?


Let me know how it goes...and of course bring it by the dealership...




Seriously..if someone here can help the man he is a dedicated soldier serving our country and probably needs some help w/ his mods..


I thought Revolutions was going to do it on the 23rd?

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I got the turbo on yesterday. Had to fix a blunder. Avo is off for now and I'm working with a buddy to put in all the piping. my core is in and the drivers side piping is on but the passenger side stuff is proving to be a real doozy man.


I'll talk to you offline about the AVO and the throttle body to go with. Injectors are...sufficient for now haha. I decided to put in everything myself rather than the 1300 for parts and labor by rev. I will have them put in the walbro just because I don't wanna mess up the pump and do the tune the same day.


I appreciate the support as always, Tony!

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I made that drive to longmont from the springs last weekend. It was not that fun and harvey was not there on a saturday afternoon. To be honest the whole town looked like it clocked off friday night.


Still having some issues with this install. I have been talking to bryan when he gets the chance and looking at the pics. I think my core may be too far off to one side but I'm still not getting the passenger side piping to connect because of a post sticking out from the frame. It serves zero purpose as it just passes through to nothing. I've decided to hack through it, as its the only place stopping the piping from making a connection. and the front bumper from going back on.

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