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2000 legacy auto trans delayed engagement? please read

00lgt owner

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ok, i got a 2000 legacy gt, the trans does have the dreaded problem of engaging from park to drive or any forward gears. it does not matter how long you wait after putting it in drive, without at least 2,000 rpm it will not engage. anyways i cant afford to pay subaru to fix or replace the trans so i am doing it myself (i am very mechanically inclined). im wondering a couple things though, (1) has anyone here done this fix themselves that could give me any tips, (2) i have read that this problem is caused by a worn piston seal on the forward clutch pak, is this an accurate diagnosis?, (3) is the piston seal is the problem what is the new part number or is it just a superceeded part number? i heard the seal is around $6. there were some nice pictures of the assembly where the seal goes on this site but i can seem to find them now. anyways i really want to get this taken care of before winter so any help would be greatly appreciated. also i was wondering if there is anything else i should replace while im in the transmission, maybe should i just get a complete rebuild kit?
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