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Throwout bearing? Is this it?

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Alright guys, so I'm going to be replacing my clutch here, and I found this one, and it says it comes with "Bearing and alignment took kit". Is this "bearing" the throwout bearing that is oh-so recommended to be replaced whilst doing the clutch?

And I've read that the Spec stage 1 clutch is compatible with the stock LGT flywheel, am I correct?

Thank you guys!


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There are spec and act clutches that work with the factory DMFW


My clutch is getting replaced tomorrow w/ a spec stage 2 i bought from a member here.


The WRX thing works if you have to replace the clutch and flywheel, the WRX or 07-09 Legacy GT flywheels are single mass and mucho cheaper than the $500 factory DMFW.


You can probably get your stock DMFW resurfaced if it isn't beat to crap



Oh and no matter what clutch kit you get, you need to get the TSK-3 kit to prevent premature failure of the crappy factory throwout bearing setup!

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