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05 spec B wheels on 08?

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There were no '05 Spec.B's, 2006 was the first year.


2006 and 2007 Spec.b's had the same wheels. I am assuming these are the wheels you are thinking of.


Just look in the pictures thread and you'll find a ton of pics with these wheels.


I know how they look like, I dont think there is a pic of a 08 lgt with these wheels yet,


also I was wondering if there is any fitment issue, what's tire size do you recommend?

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I could be wrong... But the 08 (from the side) looks identical to the 05/06/07/09 (from the side)...


Not EXACTLY the same.... you '05 guys have that funky looking clear strip on headlights that dips into the blinker, and the tails look slightly different from the side..... but yeah, for the most part you should get the idea if you look at some '05 - '07s

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I too am a fan of this look, but I'm electing to go Rota Gravel for the cheap. There are a few pics somewhere and this might be what you are kind of looking for.




oh wow, that looks much better than I expected, thanks man! ;)

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Those are CS9's (club spec). The single most sexiest rims Subaru has made!

I absolutely love them! There are some cheap (at the moment) ones on import monster but they are so hard to get a hold of!


More pics...


























K im done :p

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225s would look better because they are wider but depending on how low your car is they may scrub. You should be fine though.


Id suggest talking to your tyre shop before making any final decisions though - if anything doesnt fit, then they are liable and will/should rectify the errors

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