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What years will be a direct swap plug and play for the interior of an 05. Im looking at swapping my non leather for leather. Im pretty sure 08 and 09 wont and i think 07 wont either. Will 05 and 06 be the only ones that are direct replacements and all plugs will work?
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I'm looking to swap in a leather interior as well, but my research indicates that the '05 front passenger seat is different than other years in the way the seat belt mounts and in the passenger air bag disable detection system.


The '05 front passenger seat has the seat belt mount on the seat itself, where as in '06 and up, they moved the seat belt mount to the body of the car on the floor at bottom of B-pillar.


The '06 and up passenger air bag disable detection system is also different than the '05 and i don't think the plugs are compatible.


So i think only '05 leather seats can be a direct plug and play replacement to '05 cloth seats.




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