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Adjustable Whiteline Sways/Links


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About to install a set of Whiteline Sways and Links. The front and rear Whiteline sways are adjustable. The front links are adjustable. The rear links are solid (Kartboy actually). Being "adjustable" what setting should I put them on to start? Otherwise unmodified suspension on an 08 LGT 5MT.


My stab in the dark would be "medium" but there are 2 holes on at least one of the bars. Too much over-steer would be bad, but the stock under-steer is too sedate for my taste.


Thanks in advance to all who post feedback.

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there is no medium on the bars you are using. either "soft" or "hard". You have to use the same holes on both side of the bars. "soft" is the holes closer to the end of the bars, "hard" is the holes closer to the middle of the bar. I am running f/r on "hard".
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