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Wagons with Borla CBE?


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I've had a Borla on my wagon for 3 years, about 40,000 miles. I don't think it drones at all, but my car is all stock. No regrets with it at all.


I know some people have extended the tips, but I did not. I could see how they could extend a little, but to me they look just fine the way they are. Below are a couple of pics where I tried to mark up how the tailpipes sit in relation to the bumper. I don't really have any good pics from more of a distance, I can snap a few tomorrow if you like.


Also, see this page, about half-way down, for some semi-decent video clips I made; the first one shows the tips fairly well, but from directly behind the car:




Hope this help!





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Also have Borla CBE on the wagon, no drone, did not mod tips, like stock like look not the fart cans.
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