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new to legacy gt's

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JDM Spec B front bumper/grill


Rota Formula Mesh (or real BBS STI Mesh)

JDM Aero Spats (front)

JDM Rain guards

This car is beautiful and perfect in every way.


Smaller mirrors? That's dumb.


You want these parts?

HKC Speed (real JDM parts)

RRev (great replicas)

Ravspec (good replicas)

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The car is very nice but I dont think its a car in the US so that bumper and front grill may be stock. Maybe not the grill but I googled MCD productions the tag on the picture and a few things popped up out of Australia so who knows.


I have those rain gaurds on my car they look awesome but they dont work all that well they are OEM subaru you can get them from the dealer.

I was 0.




And I'm still a zero.



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what tails are these?!?!



Those are stock tails with red tint on. I did have the reverse lights sprayed smoked but it was too dark. I later then had the spray removed and tinted the reverse lights with a light smoked overlay( posted in the second pic)

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