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Headlight stalk going bad possibly


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I did a search for the headlight stalk and other key words, but couldn't find a thing about it!


The other day I switched on my headlights as usual, but it flickered and then didn't go on. Funny thing is that it was just the interior light/dim switch.. the lights were still on.


I turned it on and off and it would flicker a bit. I finally hit the stalk right on the end as if maybe the turning part popped out a bit, and it was good.


It has only flickered for a brief second once in the last 2 weeks.. but I'm thinking I have a faulty switch in the stalk. The only problem for me is that the headlight indicator won't turn on, and the lights on the interior won't dim. The fog light switch will still go on.


If anyone knows how easy it would be to go about this fix.. I'm sure I'll end up doing this eventually. Ie if I have to replace the entire stalk, or there's a way to take it apart to fix/look at the switch?


I don't even know where to begin in taking apart this steering wheel, and with an airbag I am not 100% sure if it would be a smart idea.


I'm certainly not shy about taking things apart and doing it.. just I'd love to find a diagram or someone else's advice before I start the tear down!


I don't even know what part to look for in a replacement here!

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You can disable the airbag by disconnecting the battery, pumping the brake a certain number of times, and waiting 10 minutes. I do not know exactly how many times, but there is a certain number. Wait for someone else to chime in and tell you what that number is.
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For sure you don't need to mess with your airbag and stuff. It's just a matter of taking out about a couple screws maybe:

-you'd have to remove the steering column cover (upper and lower) that is right behind the steering wheel.

-Disconnect the stalk and remove the screws that secures it. should be done after that!


have not done it myself but will have to real soon. I want to put an EDM/JDM stalk so that I can control the future rear OEM LED fog light I am going to install. I actually don't know if it'll work. I may create a thread for it :rolleyes:.

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