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used rims and tires

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im looking to get new tires for my car as mine are almost all bald, so i looked on craigslist and found 18, but i wanted 17s but i really like the look of the 18s so ill live with it. the guy thinks they are 8 inches wide, who knows right?, but the tread is 225/40zr18. summer tires.. he spent 600 bucks on these tires but they are summer tires.


so i can get these all for 300 and i firgured i could go to a local tire place and trade the tread in for all seasons, how much for the tread do you think i can get.


or sould i just keep the tread for summer/track use? im trying to keep the cost down.

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well a tape measure will tell you how wide they are hahaha, usually off brand rims that are 18's are more 7-1/2's.

Depending on the offset of the rims you will need to roll your fenders to prevent rubbing.

Summer tires will work for every season but rain(you will slip all over the place) I would turn your stocks into winter tires and throw on 4 used tires you can find online for cheap.

Get the tires balanced this will help preserve the life of your bearings.

If the tires are in good shape and have plenty of tread left I would keep them on there and buy cheap used tires for your stockies because its too much of a hassle to unmount and mount tires when you want to do track

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