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Final mod question...

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I hope...


I am happy with my recent purchase of my cpo 2008 Legacy 2.5i Limited as part time DD, and as my winter car. It is powerful enough for my purposes, and I actually enjoy pushing this little engine, espec. using the manual shifting mode on the 4-speed auto/manual transmission.


I have made the following "tweaks" over the last month:


armrest extension

OEM subwoofer under seat (a must!)

replaced OEM worn 205/50-17 Yokos with 215/45-17 Conti DWS's (wider and far better tires)

New 20mm JDM rear sway.


Needless to say, the bottom 2 changes really helped the handling.


My question: the ONLY other mod I'm considering is new springs. Right now it's a pleasure to drive--balanced between sporty and comfy, with less body roll. I think stiffer springs could even make it better, but I'm hesitant to lower the car any. We can definitely get a lot of snow in Michigan, and this is my only and ultimate winter car.

Has anyone here felt that lowering the car, say 1", with new springs, made a discernible difference for snow driving? Any springs better than others?--lots of brands out there...


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New sway bars make the car a lot more fun to drive. If you get a better front bar with poly bushings, and poly bushings for the rear you'll notice it! The rallitek 22mm front bar kit with bushings is $180.....great deal, and its one of the few non-turbo bars available... http://www.rallitek.com/RalliTEK-Front-Anti-Sway-Bar-Kit-LegacyOutback-Non-Turbo-2005-2009/p-4362
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