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Top Mount Intake.... Take two

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The old thread is the idea part and this is all about the build.. i currently have a prototype with the silicone drying as i type this. pics soon.


If your new or have never read before or have never read the first thread...read it.... IT



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I like the idea, but flow through a corrugated pipe like that is going to be awful.


Maybe you could get a final shape down, then go to a muffler shop (that works on diesels, since they'll definitely have large diameter pipe) and have them bend something metal together for you.

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I tried doing an intake on my car and I had problems with the breather lines and whatnot that attached to the intake. I would be able to start the car, but it ran like dog crap and would want to stall out. If I plugged the lines, it would still run like dog crap but would not stall. I was still getting readings from my MAF


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woops didnt even see your pic


the box filter might work out, i still have the water concern especially with rally-x mud blocking the filter wont help anything


but it looks alright. the only thing is you would get more power from a cone filter and a regular intake. the only benifit yours has is throwing moving air into the mix

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