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Cracked plastic near license plate area on truck lid: Options?


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I was actually wondering if doing a vinyl wrap would look ok. Any thoughts?


Stinky stealership in Ohio hid the crack with an extra large "dealer" vanity plate when I bought it and I didn't notice it until I was 8 hours back home and a few weeks later when I got my plates.


The piece feels like it is plastic and it looks like it will be mega expensive to replace and almost impossible to touch up. I will post a photo of it in a second.


Thanks for any input you can provide.

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Thanks. I am now officially a worthless forum user.


I should have found that.


Although I had no clue it was called trunk garnish. What would it run to paint this OBP? $200?


Might buy some vinyl first and see if I like the look.


Thanks again for the speedy and accurate help!

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^ No idea on the paint-job. :redface::(


As for finding that? don't be so hard on yourself - it's a difficult thing to search up, without knowing what to look for. ;)


Best of luck! :)

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