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AVO's Project Outback

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I'm posting this here because a lot of the information in here applies to all models of 2005-2009 Legacy and Outback, not just the 2.5i people. There is a much longer thread with specific in the 2.5i technical area.


I found a, ahem, high mileage 2007 Outback 2.5i 5MT (182k!) to use as a base for our upcoming turbocharger kit for the 2.5i Legacy and Outback (and several other Subaru models). The reason for the Outback was two-fold. 1) It represented the basic engine/exhaust setup of most 2.5i models across the board. 2) If we don't blow this high(er) mileage motor with the kit, then the somewhat more mileage responsible average owner won't experience any issues.


I'll also be using this car, with said turbo kit, to tow a 2000+ lb trailer to Subiefest from Seattle. If that's not going to be a test of the reliability of the system, I don't know what is.


Car just after purchase:






This is what I started with. In relatively good shape on the outside, and with a dire need for some new oil, new filters, new fuel pump, injector overhaul, new spark plugs, and more.

After I got the basic maintenance done, I dove into tightening it up, replacing all the worn out bushings and suspension bits so that it feels better than new. I wanted to improve the suspension all around (and brakes eventually) because the end goal was turbocharge the car, and the stock setup wasn't going to feel that great with the extra power. And, boy, after driving this around for a bit, it needs more power. While this isn't probably the most powerful example available, it's not the worst either. It is also going to be a good test of what putting our turbo kit on to a high mileage engine will be like.


So keep an eye on this space, I'll fill you all in as I go.






I've made up a list below of all the install posts that are in the original thread so that you can find them quickly, plus the applicable part numbers.


Test fitment of AVO Power Air Intake for Legacy:



Install of the Rear Underbrace Kit (Part Number: S1B03G1GH002):



Install of the Front Solid Endlinks (Part Number: S2X03G1GU050):



Install of the front 21mm Polyurethane Bushings (Part Number: S1X03G1HV021):



Install of the Rear Solid Endlinks (Part Number: S2X92G1HU070):



Install of the Rear Anti-Roll Bar (Part Number: S1X03G1HS020):



Install of the new OEM Fuel Pump:



Removal of Fuel Injectors for cleaning:



Install of the Rear Stabilizer Mount Brackets (Part Number: S1104M1HT001):



Install of the Front LCA Bushings (LCA Rear - Part Number: S1X03E1GV001 or S1X03E1GV002, LCA Front - Part Number: S2C08G1GV057T:



Install of the Rear Outback Stainless Steel dual mufflers (Part Number: S1D04M3HB001):



Bilstein Suspension Install:





Paul Hansen


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Sounds like there might be hope for everyone with the 2.5i that are wanting to turbocharge it. I don't know what all will be included in the turbo kit and if it will be cost effective for the general public, but it sounds like it will be a fun build. Best of luck.
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