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Front end clunks and rattles


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Hi guys...


2007 LGT 5Speed with 45k....


I have rattles in my front end and low speeds...I assume my bushings are rotted or dried out...but I have no clue...I have never had a car make this noise or at least never heard my cars make this noise.


The questions I have are:


Which bushings go bad?

What components make up the front end and have problems?


I assume....end links...sway bar bushings..struts..but I have no idea which components do what....can someone point me to a diagram or something.


I hate to sound like a newbie but I'm clueless.


I plan to upgrade the suspension at some point so if that is the case should I just upgrade rather than repair?


Best way to find out which ones are bad?


Help please...


I have searched and there is so much info out there to wade through....I'm not asking someone to wade through it for me, rather start a new dialogue on the subject.


Thanks in advance.

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