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Interior Door grip peeling

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Seen another post about this some time ago, couldn't find it.


Took my car in for service yesterday, and complained about the rubbery coating that was peeling off, revealing shiny black plastic underneath...shouldn't be after only 10 months. For what it's worth, I don't wear any rings,etc that may have caused extra wear there.


Dealer called today, replacement part arrived, will replace under warranty.


Anyone else have this problem?


Later today will FINALLY install my JDM 20mm rear sway, hope it makes a big difference! :)

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I have noticed that too on the Driver's side- next time I take the car in for service I'll bring it to there attention.


I'm glad that I am not the only one.


My car was built June'04

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Both very early allocation...they will however, be replaced under warranty. :D


BTW: Mine's an June '04 build too....but mine have been fine so far...

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