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Coilover install day this Sunday:NOVA


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Looking to install my coilovers from B4 Maniac this Sunday the 1st. Some people had expressed interest in helping. Any help/thoughts/tools would be welcome. I have a two-car garage in Leesburg, VA with plenty of basic tools, stands, and jacks. Also a garage fridge full of tasty beverages.


If anyone has installed a set before or wants to see it done, come on by.


PM me for details,


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I figured as much with 10k springs in the rear and I believe 8 in front, but Im hoping to be able to play with the adjustments to make it good on the street. I tend to regret not getting the stiffer options on my last cars so I hope this one is good to go.
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Im trying to figure it all out right now with my scheduling. Im just curious as to the problems people encountered along the way, but thank you.


Ive seen a few details of it being simple to do (especially with preassembled units) but havent seen any specific how to's. If I have enough time, Ill see if I can put together a detailed how to.


My old WRX from what I remember was pretty easy aside from the disassemble/assemble aspect (using old top hats). I guess Ill see...

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