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Get a FREE A/C compressor belt...

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So I'm cleaning out my desk today and I have a brand new A/C compressor belt. I bought it last summer when I wanted to see what was wrong with the A/C in my 92 Legacy. I unseized my compressor and threw the belt on there (It didn't have one before) only to find that the compressor didn't work. I took the belt off and threw it in the "Junk Drawer" in my desk.


The belt has about 1.5 miles on it. I put it on, started the car, drove around the block, and removed the belt. No cracks, no rot, no wear, just a brand new belt. I'll pay for shipping and everything, just tell me where to send it and its yours. I would just throw it away but at a $10 - $15 value I figure I could use it to make someones day.


Any takers?

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I checked on the Autozone website and two are listed for the second gen Legacy. This belt has the same part number as one of those listed on the AutoZone website, but I'm not sure if its for the 2.2L only, or if it depends on the AC compressor.


If you want to try it its all yours. PM me an address or PO Box or something and I'll send it whenever I get to the post office. Definitely within the next week though.

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