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knob to go with the Cobb STS? (install woes)


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I just finished installing the Cobb STS (thanks to Scans007) and started screwing in the factory momo airleather in when I realized something, I had overtightened it and all the threading had worn off. Now I am driving dangerously pushing whilst I shift to avoid my rotating knob of destruction flying off and hitting me in the retina. Can anyone recommend for me a good shifter (that can handle the cobb on lowest height setting without overthreading) or give me a way to fix the current one? Thanks!


(PS, I have no idea how to install these KB Bushings and yes the Cobb is quite possibly the best thing you can do to your transmission which now feels amazing)

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That's def strange, I have my momo shift knob on, almost at the lowest settings, and have taken it off at least 7 or 8 times to make adjustments to the throw and hight, no probems for me with depth and such.(or with the stock knob)


It's Stock right....bring it to the dealer and be like WTF this shouldn't happen, see if you can get a new one out of it. If you are nice enough they might bend on something like this.....


Don't know what else to tell ya, def a problem I haven't heard before......=)


EDIT: and thanx for the props :D

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