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Escort 8500 x50 or Bel RX65


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New job will require me to drive 40 miles one way on the interstate and I've decided that a little more piece of mind would be beneficial. I've noticed that a number of members use the Escort but wanted to get a second opinion on the comparison.





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Yet another vote for the 8500. My buddy has the V1, we got bored on a long trip and hooked both up, very similar results. $100 is a lot of money for a couple arrows. Worth noting that BEL is owned by Escort now, so they are using similair technology



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the BEL and Escort are made by the same company. When I called Escort and BEL they told me that. They each have a little different features but overall they are the same unit. I have the Escort. The BEL has voice warnings.
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Rise from the grave!

(Just doing some radar research)

The Escort 8500 x50 and Bel RX65 are technically the same, they even use the same accessories. The feature difference are that the Escort is available in a blue LED display, and the Bel RX65 has voice alerts and a voltage meter. I can't find any other differences than those. Given that the Bel sells for a little less (on eBay at least) and has MORE features, I'd go with the Bel.

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Indeed correct - they are now one and the same, more or less. ;)


Corrections --->


-The Escort X50 also features a digital voltmeter, which can be an active display WHILE the detector retains full functionality. I am *uncertain* that this is possible with the Bel RX65, although the 995 model *does* allow for this functionality, I cannot locate an on-line RX65 manual to confirm.


- The RX65 offers Ku band protection, which would make it a good choice for travelers to Europe.


There's some minor performance differences, aside from those noted above, that may put one of these two up over the other, but in my mind, they're dead-heat for performance outside of the Ku-band capabilities of the Bel. I'd thus focus on this factor, the availability of voice-alerts, as well as the display color/cost-difference to decide between the two.


If none of the above are particularly important to you, I would then let the nitty-gritty performance differences separating the two - as well as their active laser jammers (which I highly recommend if you live in a laser-rich area or road-trip a lot with your LGT) - be the deciding factors.





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