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How much boost can i handle?

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Hi guys,


i have a 95 gt legacy. auto, twin turbo.


2 questions.


1, how much boost am i currently pushing? (completely stock car)


i have just been given a boost tap and boost gauge (not installed) and was wondering what is a safe limit to how much i can boost to? (in psi) REMEMBER the car is 100% stock.



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Instal the boost gauge, having one of these is essential for any turbo owner, i think. They are vital in diagnosing many potential problems, and can show when you are having problems that would not otherwise be noticable.


But the tap? Thow it in the bin! Boost taps are a bad idea, ESPECIALLY on a factory car, and one as old as yours.. Stock boost should be about 12-14psi (on secondary). Safe boost is around 12-14 psi.

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