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I am hoping to be able to put about $2000 into the XT over the next several months. I have a few ideas but I would love to hear to any and all suggestions.


Idea #1 (without voiding the warranty)

17" light-weight wheels (possibly used STI's) - $1200

great all-season tires (Pilot AS, Pirelli M+S, Falken 512) - $600-$800


Idea #2 (without voiding the warranty)

18" light-weight wheels (probably Rota Tarmac II's) - $800

great all-season tires (Pilot AS, Conti extreme contact or Avon 550) - $600-$900

Short throw shifter - $350


Idea #3 (probably voiding the warranty)

17" or 18" wheel/tire combo - $1300

Cobb AccessPort - $650

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well, i have the AP, the gains were not as great for daily driving as I had hoped. Great power in 3rd gear, but 1st is so quick, you hardly notice any real off the line difference.


if it were me, and since i have 18" Tarmac II, hehe, I would go Idea #2, most change for your money. and I would get the ContiExtremeContacts....I have run those on many cars, and will use them as my winter tires this fall. Short throw shifter is a great idea, you might enjoy that more on a daily basis than the AP.

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