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motor swap.

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I have a 2006 legacy 2.5i. I want to get more power out of it and i have looked at everything from turbo kits to super chargers but the money and reliability would be a risk. I would like to do a swap. I have thought about a GT long Block And ECU. for the daily driver with some options of adding more power. What would all match up with the 2.5i to the GT and how would the tranny hold up. What would i be looking at as far as wiring. Any info would be great. Thanks
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You will probably hear this a lot on here but..... its better to put the cash out for the GT model. I too had a 2.5i (4EAT). I wanted to buy the turbo kit to add power because it was soo slow. After looking into all of he parts I would need, I would be spending almost $4000 just to get the power that the GT made. With that, you have to worry about the reliability of the engine and you still have 2.5i suspension parts and brakes. I paid far less to switch over to the GT model than to modify the 2.5i and I have a lot more fun with it.


If for some reason you can't get the GT model, just stick with modifying the suspension and brakes on the 2.5i.... All of the aftermarket GT parts swap over to that car.


I think doing a turbo engine swap would require a complete junk GT car to make everything correct.


Hopefully you can get what you are looking for!

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