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Wheel Size help please


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Just got my subaru Legacy GT and looking to purchase some new wheels. I'm not looking to lower the car, but I am looking to get the biggest and widest wheels possible with out screwing up my turning raduis or suspension.



I haven't got a same answer from any of the dealers. I've gone from 19" with a 9 inch wide back and 8.5 to just sticking with the stock specs. Someone please help and tell me what's really the biggest and widest wheel I can get without it detracting from the performance.


THANKS :lol:

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If you use the search function on this topic you'll find the answer you're looking for. I can't answer it, but search and ye shall find!
258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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