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legacy sti swap

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hello i guy i'am new hear i just got a red 1995 legacy ls wagon last week to do my sti swap ej257/brembos/dccd/6 speed/v34/sti intercooler this is a full usdm sti swap going in a 95 wagon :lol: ***** just look for what you guys think about this ********


price list so far

motor/trans/ecu/dccd controls/dccd computer/turbo/intercooler/brembos/front crossmembers/control arms/3 axels/3 struts/rearend/3 rotors 7500 shipped


picked up a nice 95 wagon for 750+ train to get it & tolls 110


some new tools i need 200


pay to get rid of garbage in garage 140


1200 for set of brembos (i dont need these bought before the motor) sell for 900

800 sti utec

10k give or take a few bucks

i need more parts, body stuff, paint, audio so about 5k more

and lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of work she will be mine

we pulled eng/tran/rear last week working on pulling the dash today i will post pics hopfull tonight


thanks guys


ps...post so pics of you legacy wagon i need some ideas

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got some issues

in the rear end

to use the 180 rear diff you have to use the r180 hubs

which won't:

a: work with your suspension if its from an 05 sti

b: require r180 spicific rear brakes ie brembos-->and wheels to clear the brembos


best solution is to find a 3.90 r160 diff and keep your rear brakes

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What about the OBD-I and rest of the wiring architecture in a 95? Or are you looking at stand-alone EM?


Also, you’ll probably need to stiffen your chassis, specifically in the rear as the 2nd gen Legacy bracing is terrible under any kind of power.


Can’t wait to see some more details as you start the project, keep us updated… :D

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